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    Stroller children light weight suitable for newborn - color Pink

    1925 EGP

    - Stroller children characterized by light weight and small size, making them easy to fold and carry.
    - Suitable for newborns, adjusted for a full bed, seat belt and padded seat make it more comfortable and safe.
    - The umbrella that includes the chair protects your baby from the burning sun.

    Stroller children of seebaby in a stylish and contemporary with the possibility of adjusting the seat for a full bed _ dark blue color

    1870 EGP

    - Stroller SeeBaby is the ideal choice for parents, where they are lightweight and easy to move, you can take them anywhere.
    - Possibility to adjust the seat for more than one level and its entire bed.
    - Attractive and contemporary design with durable steel frame and adjustable handle designed for hand comfort and non-slip.

    Seebaby stroller 3 wheels with one hand folding and easy to carry _ navy color

    2310 EGP

    - Baby stroller with 3 wheels has a stylish sporty and modern shape. - One-hand folding system easy to use to fold and carry quickly. - Padded seat for your child you can select the appropriate level for him to sit comfortably.

    عربية أطفال وكاريكوت 3عجلات من seebaby إمكانية فصل المقعد وتغيير اتجاهه_ لون كحلى

    4675 EGP
    • عربية كاريكوت من سى بيبى تتميز ب 3 عجلات كبيرة مع تصميم انيق وعصرى . مقعد واسع ومريح يمكنك تحديد الوضع المناسب لطفلك به و مسند الأرجل القابل للتمدد مثالية الاستخدام من قبل المواليد عربية كاريكوت حيث يمكنك فصل السرير عن الهيكل وحمله كسرير منفصل او تغيير اتجاهه ليكون بوجه الام اثناء السير . توفر لك السلة الكبيرة مكانا ملائما لحفظ ادواتك الضرورية مع تغطيتها والحفاظ عليها.