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    Return policy

    Return policy

    Return reason must be in accordance with the terms of acceptance of returns. Please review the terms below:

    - You can contact our customer service or register a return request on dubazzar.com

    - When returning the product, it must be p pared correctly and safely and must be attached with any documents of the product or purchase order when applying for a return process and the product should be returned in the original packaging and the same condition of receiving of the product and attach the purchase order form or the request of return with the product.

    - Must prove the documentation of the purchase process (eg. invoice – Order number - etc .....).

    - There are several ways to refund money (for example, bank transfer, purchase voucher, cash)

    -The customer has the right to return the product he purchased if it has a defect or not original or does not match the description on the dubazzar.com within 14 days of delivery and the customer is entitled to receive the full amount paid.

    - If  you change your mind after receiving the product you bought from dubazzar.com  you can return it within 7 days from  the date of delivery.

    - The purchase order can be canceled only before it enters the shipping phase and the option to cancel your order for the product will stop when the order is in the shipping phase.

    You can contact dubazzar.com customer service if you received a purchase order with a defective or damaged product to be refunded with the attached purchase order gifts if any. The return request will be rejected if the product is not returned in the condition delivered to the customer.

    - dubazzar.com concerned team  will review the returned products if it becomes clear that there is no damage due to misuse by the customer. We will refund the product value in the appropriate manner to you. The relevant team will respond within 5 working days of receiving the product to dubazzar.com.

    - During the inspection process from the dubazzar.com concerned team, if it was found that the product to be returned does not have the defect mentioned in the request, the product will not be refunded and we will keep the product in our p mises until the customer visits our p mises to receive the product or ship it back to the customer if he/she accepts the shipping charges.

    - You can follow up on your return request through our customer service team using the return request number and confirming some details of the return request.

    - There are several reasons for the processing the return of the product and these reasons must be in accordance with the conditions of acceptance of returns as follows:

    1- If the product is not genuine (fake).

    2- If the product is not new.

    3. If the product is used.

    4 - If the product has defects (scratches - shocks - incomplete).

    5 - If the product is not correct or does not meet the product details shown on dubazzar.com for example and not limited to (color – design- etc ..).

    - This is a list of products to which these terms & conditions apply:

    (Mobiles, Tablets & Accessories - Computer & Accessories - Electronic Games & Accessories - Sports & Sports Equipment - Cameras & Accessories - Monitors & Car Audio - Cars & Motorcycles - Men Clothes, Women & Kids - Shoes - Kids Games).

    - This is a list of products that we do not accept returns:

    (Underwear, books, dresses, neckties, men's suits, medicines, sunglasses & sunglasses, men's & women's accessories, socks, swimwear, beauty & perfume products).

    - After 14 days from order delivery, we will not accept any return requests. In this case, we recommend that you contact the manufacturer responsible for the product warranty if the product is eligible for warranty. You may also contact us for assistance if needed.

    - When submitting a request to return the product we will communicate with you within 3-5 days to arrange to receive the product you want to return and this will be done by two attempts to contact you in two different days and if no contact was reached dubazzar.com will cancel your request for return ( Return request).

    - If the customer's return request is not approved by dubazzar.com after inspection and the customer refuses to receive the product again, dubazzar.com has the right within 30 days after the customer refuses to receive the product to dispose of the product and therefore we advise our customers to cooperate with us to receive their products.

    - Another policy applies to products that come from outside the country:

    Returns are accepted for products coming from outside the country only if they are defects by industry or damaged or the product does not match the description.

    For further inquiries please contact us and we will be happy to serve you.