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    Aerodynamic Wiper Without Yoke

    49 EGP
    • Eliminate Vibration and Chatter 
    • Superior All Weather Performance
    • Yoke Construction Provides FULL Contact with Windshield
    • Improved Visibility 
    • Designed with Optimum Performance 
    • All season, Improved Winter Capabilities 
    • Unique Design With Flatter Spoiler 
    • Flat, Non-Rivet, Non-Claw 
    • Broad After Market Coverage.
    • New multi-function wiper blade. 
    • Multi-function adaptor base 
    • Aerodynamic Low Profile for High Speeds 
    • Easy Installation. 
    • Premium Natural Rubber Ensures a Clean & Silent Wipe.

    Fuel Saver Into The Cigarette Lighter Socket

    60 EGP
  • Type: Car Safety
  • Say goodbye to the high cost of gasoline with the petrol saver. Just put it in the car lighter to economize the electricity in the motor, which in turn reduces the fuel loss.
  • This device also helps maintain the electric motor kit (Abletin-Condenser) which will maintain the proper and efficient performance of the motor.
  • Fuel Shark-Fuel Saver

    51 EGP
    • Brand: Fuel Shark
    • Type: Fuel Additives

    Fuelshark-Mf27 Neosocket Fuel Saver Adapter

    110 EGP
    • Brand: Fuelshark
    • Compatible with: All Vehicles
    • Accessory Type: Power Adapters

    Engine Oil & Fluids

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