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    BaByliss- 3D Liss Brush, Purple- HSB100E

    1445 EGP



    • TEMPERATURE ADJUSTMENT 180°C / 190°C / 200°C

    BaByliss- 3-Day Beard Trimmer - E827E

    1075 EGP
      • cutting heights from 1-20mm
      • The electrochemical 3D cut the blade ensures maximum cutting performance at any load
      • The blade locking ensures that the cutting height during the cutting beard not accidentally
      • Technical sheet
      • 32 MM
      • Solid Stainless steel blade
      • Movable blade: CMS alloy
      • Electrochemical 3D cut
      • locking system
      • 1 mm steps - 1 mm to 20 mm
      • 20 cutting lengths
      • Mechanical adjustment via dial wheel
      • COMFORT:
      • Cord / Cordless operation
      • 30 min battery life
      • Automatic detection of voltage
      • Accessories: cleaning brush, oil

    BaByliss- 3-Day Cordless Washable Trimmer - E846E

    1059 EGP

    Exceptional cutting performance
    Stainless steel fixed blade
    Grooved wheel settings for 20 cutting lengths

    BaByliss- 6609E Le Pro Light Hair Dryer - 2100W

    509 EGP 690 EGP

     Professional AC motor .

    lifetime longer Airflow speed 95km/h .

    very fast drying & styling 2100 watts.

    BaByliss- 8 in 1 Hair Styler, 14 Watt - 2020CE

    845 EGP

    The Babyliss 2020CE 8 in 1 Hair Styler lets you be a trendy diva with its salon like hair styling finish.

    Without damaging your precious tresses, this slim and handy device gives you the versatility to try the different styles in vogue. 

    BaByliss- Air Brush, 1000 Watts, AS570E

    2575 EGP

    Air Styler.

    1000 Watts.

    Ceramic Coating.

    Ionic Technology.

    Brush Included.

    Cool Shot.

    BaByliss- AS115E Pro Styling 1000W Airbrush with 3 Attachments

    1395 EGP
    • 1000 Watts
    • 3 attachments: Cushion brush, 20mm boar bristle brush, volumes attachment
    • Ionic function
    • 3 Speeds/Temperatures and cool air button
    • Swing out filter
    • Storage case
    • Swivel cord

    BaByliss- AS121E Hot air curling iron- 1200 Watt

    1239 EGP

    3 interchangeable brushes (diameter 38mm, 25mm and 20mm) 3 speed / temperature Cooling air fixation Ionization

    BaByliss- AS531E Rotating Brush 700W

    845 EGP 1110 EGP
    • Power: 700Watt
    • Rotating brush

    BaByliss- Beard Trimmer E868E

    1655 EGP

    This 3D Control trimmer has a rocker head that you achieve the desired results in no time, with extreme precision and comfort.

    This trimmer has a separate razor for a perfect finish.

    The shaving system of 3D Contr

    ol consists of self-oiling quality blades with W-Tech technology. This (beard) trimmer can be used with or without a cord (45 min.) And offers up to 48 length settings from 0.4 to 10 mm.

    BaByliss- Brushing Ionic Hair Styler AS130E

    535 EGP
    • Power 700W
    • 45 mm Ceramic rotating head
    • Ionic technology
    • 2 speeds/temperatures - Cool air setting
    • Swing-out filter
    • Swivel cord

    BaByliss- C904PE Curl Secret Fashion

    2039 EGP

    product type curling iron Temperature max. 205 ° C coating ceramics Automatic shutdown cable length 1.8 m

    BaByliss- C905PE Hair Curler

    2039 EGP

    The new C905PE Curl Secret Fashion Dark Blue conjures them effortlessly and in very short time beautiful long-lasting curls. 

    • With the help of 2 temperature settings (185 ° C and 205 ° C), you can choose the perfect curling style for your hair structure, as you like it most.
    • So that your hair is also protected against heat in every application, the curling coil is equipped with a gentle ceramic coating.
    • The result will inspire you. 
    • In the trend color Fashion Dark Blue the Curl Secret convinces not only with its performance, but is also an absolute eye-catcher in your bathroom.

    BaByliss- Curl Secret Ionic Hair Curler- C1100E

    3005 EGP
    • Brand: Babyliss
    • Model: BABC1100SDE
    • Revolutionary Auto Curl technology to effortlessly create beautiful, free-flowing curls with long-lasting effect.
    • Professional heating system for fast curl formation - hair is automatically drawn in to the ceramic curl chamber where it is softly held and heated from all directions to form a curl.
    • Automatic curl direction creates a natural finish in the hair by changing the direction of each curl as you style.
    • Frizz minimizing Ionic conditioning system
    • 2 heat settings and 3 timer settings with audio bleep indicator for different curl effects.
    • Programme the style to create free-flowing, natural waves or defined curls.
    • 2.5m swivel cord for control whilst styling.
    • Heat protection mat to protect surfaces whilst styling.
    • On/off switch.
    • Heat ready indicator.
    • 20min sleep mode function.
    • Auto shut off.
    • 2.5m swivel cord.
    • Heat protection mat.

    BaByliss- Curl Secret Ionic Hair Curler- C1101E

    3025 EGP
    • Short Description: Tong, Ceramic Coating, Ionic Technology, Automatic Shut Off
    • Brand: Babyliss
    • Ionic Technology: Yes
    • Type: Tong
    • Power Supply: Battery
    • Different Temperature Settings: Yes
    • Steam Shot: No
    • Ceramic Coating: Yes
    • Minimum Temperature in °C: 210
    • Maximum Temperature in °C: 230
    • Temperature Display: No

    ch additionally gives your hair brilliant shine and smoothness.

    BaByliss- Curl Secret Ionic Hair Curler- C1200E

    3025 EGP

    Your curling iron to curl the hair completely automatically! Easily create your beautiful curls with a long-lasting hold.

    BaByliss- Curler 25mm - C525E

    999 EGP

    Ultra Slim curved design : Curl easily. Medium diameter 25 mm : perfect MEDIUM curls.

    BaByliss- DC Hair Dryer, 2000 Watt, Black- D212E

    559 EGP
    • Power 2,000W for quick drying and styling
    • Air speed 65 km / h
    • 2 speeds
    • Cold air

    BaByliss- E5250 Travel Hair Dryer - 1200W

    535 EGP
    • Airflow speed: 50 km/h
    • 3 speeds/temperatures
    • Cool air setting

    BaByliss- E709PE hair clipper

    1029 EGP

    32 mm stainless steel 
    blades Movable blades: 3D electrochemically sharpened (EST) 
    Movable knife: CMS 
    3 comb attachments (6-9-12 mm) 
    1 precision beard attachment - 6 settings (1.5 - 4 mm) 
    trimmer included 
    30 minutes of work after charging for 
    16 hours of charging 
    . Included:

    Cleaning brush 
    Oil Essential 
    bag Accessories.

    BaByliss- E750E Hair Clipper Line 700 Titanium

    649 EGP 859 EGP

    W-Tech high performance blades: Blade 39 mm - 3D sharpening by electrochemistry / innovative W blade geometry / fixed stainless steel blade / automatically lubricated blades, detachable and washable

    BaByliss- E751E Rechargeable hair trimmers And clipper, Black

    839 EGP
    • Blades 40mm
    • Fixed blade - stainless steel
    • Mobile Blades - SMD
    • self-lubricating
    • Wtech technology: 25% faster

    BaByliss- E824E Multifunction Trimmer 8 in 1 Genuine New

    785 EGP
    • 30mm Special beard
    • 3D electrochemical sharpening
    • Stainless steel fixed blade
    • CMS moving blade

    BaByliss- E825PE Rechargeable hair trimmers With clipper, Black Grey

    1029 EGP
    • Very accurate beard trimmer
    • Stainless steel fixed knife
    • Movable knife from CM (chrome-molybdenum-stainless)
    • Cutting 3D Technology (EST)
    • Self-education
    • Length adjustment: 1 to 20mm in 20 steps
    • Wired / cordless use (30 min)
    • Accessories: cleaning brush, oil
    • Haircutter
    • Rotary system for precise cutting
    • Power 1x AA batteries 


    BaByliss- E826E - 10 in 1 Multi-function Trimmer - Silver

    1075 EGP
    • 30mm for beard
    • 3D electrochemical sharpening
    • Titanium fixed blade
    • CMS moving blade
    • 7mm Details and contours
    • 40mm Hair and Body grooming
    • 1 Shaving finish
    • 1 Nose and ears
    • Precision 0,5 mm
    • 3 cutting guides 3-5-7mm
    • 5 position-precision guide 3-6-9-12-15mm
    • Taper control for fine tuning 3 positions
    • Cordless 30 min battery life
    • Charging and storage stand
    • Turbo Function : plus 20 percent of cutting power
    • Accessories : Scissors, comb, cleaning brush, oil

    BaByliss- E835E Multi Purpose Trimmer

    1289 EGP

    Innovative W-Tech moving and self lubricating blades Electrochemical finishing blades.

    BaByliss- E837E Multi Purpose Waterproof Trimmer

    1099 EGP
    • Hair , Body , Face Trimmer .
    • 10 Function .
    • A multi-functional hair clipper for face and body hair.
    • Large Kinge for hair and beard .
    • Remove the body hair .
    • Precision blade for styling the Barts .
    • Little shaving for the finish .
    • 3 shear guides to adjust precisely the desired hair length .

    BaByliss- E845E Hair and Beard Trimmer - Black and Red

    449 EGP 709 EGP
      • 32mm Wtech Technology
      • Innovative blade geometry
      • For total hair catch
      • 3D electrochemical sharpening
      • Stainless steel fixed blade
      • CMS moving blade
      • Self-lubricating
      • Grooved wheel to adjust length
      • 29 cutting lengths from 0.5 to 15 mm
      • Waterproof : Usable under shower
      • Optimum grip and result
      • Cord/ cordless 40 min battery life
      • Cleaning brush

    BaByliss- E870XE Beard Trimmer

    599 EGP

    The new i-Control of BaByliss For Men has a rotating head and flexible allowing you to reach the desired result in a snap

    BaByliss- E890 SDE 2-in1 Trimmer & Shaver for Men

    1719 EGP
    • Inoovative W-Tech blade technology
    • Moving bladed for 3D electrochemical sharpening
    • Self-lubricating
    • Extreme precision 0.5 mm to 10.5 mm
    • 21 cutting lenghts
    • Double shaving head for optimal comfort and ease of use
    • Cord/Cordless use (45 minutes of use)
    • Waterproof
    • Accessories - cleaning brush, oil, shaving head protective cap

    BaByliss- E960E Hair and Beard Clipper - Black and Silver

    749 EGP 1719 EGP
    • Extra large and solid professional blades
    • Extra large 45 mm blade - stainless steel
    • Moving blade : 1,5mm thickness
    • Fixed blade : 4 mm thickness
    • Very High performance professional motor 3.6V DC
    • High cutting performance and fast result
    • Motor management : regulated motor power for mass of hair
    • Taper control for high precision
    • 5 precise regulations of the cutting lengths
    • 8 Individual precise comb guides
    • Easy adjustment of many cutting lengths
    • Precision comb guide beard – 6 steps
    • To trim and shape all styles of beard 0,5-3mm
    • 2 cutting guides for the ear contours left/right
    • Quickly rechargeable : Cord/cordless use 40 min battery life
    • For greater freedom of movement
    • 5 led charge indicator
    • Quick charge : 30 min charge for 10 min use
    • Accessories : comb, scissors, brush, cleaning hook, oil

    BaByliss- Expert Plus Hair Dryer, 2100 Watt, White- D322E

    610 EGP
    • 2200 Watt
    • 2 speeds/temperatures
    • Cool Shot
    • Ionic/Ceramic technology
    • Dry speed: 80 km / h

    BaByliss- Expert Plus Hair Dryer, 2200 Watt, Black- D342E

    739 EGP
    • 2200 Watt
    • 2 speeds/temperatures
    • Cool Shot
    • Ionic/Ceramic technology
    • Dry speed: 80 km / h

    BaByliss- Expert Plus Hair Dryer, 2300 Watt, Black- D362E

    859 EGP
    • 2300 Watt
    • Turbo Function
    • 6 speed/temperature Settings
    • Air Flow Speed of 85km / h For Fast Drying

    BaByliss- Export Plus Hair Dryer | D261E

    690 EGP
    • 2200 W 
    • Turbo Option
    • Air Speed 85 km / H
    • Ioni Ceramic Technology
    • 6 Speeds / Temperatures - Cool Air Button
    • Thin Concentrator Nozzle 10 mm
    • Asymmetric Diffuser
    • Removable Rear Filter
    • Hanging Loop

    BaByliss- Fashion Curl Secret PINK Hair Curler- C901PE

    2680 EGP

    You will get a quick stunning style for your hair with the new Limited Edition Babyliss Curl Secret Pink, creating curls is 100% successful every time.

    Also, with its new Ionic function, Curl Secret eliminates static electricity of your hair.

    BaByliss- G934E Homelight Epilator Pulsed Light Generation

    6360 EGP

    Professional Technology For Long-Lasting Hair Removal Adapted from the same technology use by professional salons.

    BaByliss Paris brings safe, painless & permanent Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) epilation hair removal to the comfort of your own home.

    BaByliss- G934E Homelight Epilator Pulsed Light Generation

    4140 EGP

    Professional Technology For Long-Lasting Hair Removal Adapted from the same technology use by professional salons.

    BaByliss Paris brings safe, painless & permanent Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) epilation hair removal to the comfort of your own home.

    BaByliss- GPB004 Hair Iron

    410 EGP
    • Ceramic Hair Straightener
    • Tower type: trowel attachment
    • Infinitely variable temperature control
    • Styling Plate Width: 14 mm
    • For: short hair, medium length hair
    • Styling plates length: 60 mm
    • Automatic detection of voltage


    BaByliss- GPB007 Curtains Mini Hair Straightener

    449 EGP
    • With satin touch coating
    • Material: aluminum
    • Scope of delivery: heat protection cover

    BaByliss- Hair And Beard Trimmer For Men - E780E

    709 EGP

    Fixed Blade: Titanium
    Self-Oiling, Removable, And Washable
    Smart Adjusting System
    Result Guaranteed Regardless Of The Angle
    2 Hair Comb Guides
    32 Cutting Lengths For All Hair Cutting Styles
    3-18 Mm And 21 – 36 Mm
    Beard Features
    1 Beard Comb Guide
    0,5 Mm To 4,5mm
    5 Positions, 1mm Step
    Grooved Wheel Control
    Integrated Lock For Secured Cutting Height
    Cord & Cordless Use
    45 Min Autonomy
    8 Hours Charge

    BaByliss- HAIR CLIPPER (E696E)

    645 EGP
    • Stainless steel blades 39mm
    • Easy adjustment of many cutting lengths 14 to 18mm and 20 to 34mm
    • 2mm precision
    • Thinning attachment
    • Cordless use : 30 min battery life
    • 3 Accessories : cleaning brush, barber comb, oil
    • On/Off switch

    BaByliss- -Hair Clipper E950E

    1009 EGP

    45 mm extra large blades with electrochemical finishing: exceptional sharpness – stainless steel Fixed blade: 4 mm thickness, robust – long life Moving blade: 0,8 mm thickness

    BaByliss- Hair Clipper For Men - E712PE

    709 EGP

    The Babyliss E712PE hair clipper offers you optimum cutting performance.

    Featuring self-sharpened steel blades, choice of varied cutting heights, long range, wired or wireless use, 3 cutting guides.

    It also includes a special nose and ears clipper for optimal maintenance.

    BaByliss- Hair Clipper For Men - E900PE

    1029 EGP

    Blade material: Stainless steel.
    Cutter width: 1.77" (4.5 cm).
    Maximum hair length: 0.984" (2.5 cm).
    Minimum hair length: 0.118" (3 mm).
    Operating time: 30 min
    Battery type: AA.
    Attachment combs: Ear, Head, Nose.

    BaByliss- Hair Curl & Brush, 12 Watts - 271CE

    349 EGP

    This ceramic curling iron and curl brush assembly can easily create beautiful curls and volume in your hair.

    Use the curling iron or brush depending on the desired result.

    For stylish curl and volume use of the curling brush, for firm curls you for using the curling iron.

    BaByliss- Hair Dryer Set, 2000 Watt, White- D413PE

    1009 EGP

    Total Power: 2000W
    Speeds: 2
    Temperatures: 3
    Cold air
    Long-lasting professional AC motor
    Hanging ring
    Airflow speed 90km/h: fast drying
    Includes a hairbrush and 2 clips

    BaByliss- Hair Dryer, 2000 Watt, Black - D372E

    1135 EGP

    Hair drying machines are always a good option for quick styling results.

    The Babyliss D372E Hair Dryer lets you dry your hair without tangling or breaking them.

    This hair dryer with 2000 Watt of power offers an optimal level of airflow for beautiful results every day.


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