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    About us

    About Dubazzar


    Here We Are! Dubazzar market is an online portal catering to consumers in the middle east region. The headquarters operates from Dubai, UAE which was established in 2016 to meet customer needs in order to provide the best possible shopping experience online by selling products that meet various categories and selections including latest gadgets, fashion smart technology, etc.

    dubazzar.com has been featured in many local & international media such as Gulf News, Facebook, Twitter, InstagramYoutube and also mentioned in countless online blogs & posts. We have built our platform to provide you with an exceptional experience in making shopping as easy as possible.

    Dubazzar aims to provide our customers with services and activities that meet extreme possibilities and impress their customers by the highly qualified after sales customer service in order to meet all the factors that achieve our customer's satisfaction and loyalty.

    This is Dubazzar.com – As Simple as it is

    Dubazzar Market

    Dubazzar Market aims to provide extreme selections in order to achieve customers expectations and demands in the most compliant methods and creating opportunities for best deals.  The power of shopping online is not only in the products but in the services and additional activities offered to customers includes a broad dimension of categories to fit customer and supplier requirements starting from customers ease of shopping and purchase, processing, customer service, payment channels, delivery, and after-sales services experience.


    We at Dubazzar.com have crafted our platform to make online shopping an adventure through different channels, creating a formula to make shopping as easy as possible.